One thought on “Heidelberg Catechism

  1. Listen West.

    Romans 8:39 and Philippians1:8. “To love Jesus is to see Him and God can provide that.”

    There is no such thing as afterlife there is only life. There is no such thing as an in between. Nothing relates to after Christ only additional life united with what Christ knows united with God.

    Reformation is God’s causation of breaking what is not continuable; not allowed to be seen together within God’s causation of sight to life at unity. Repositioning is a word you can continue to know experienced as what God is always doing. Relate it to rapture when a rapture is happening again and again and not seen as an ending to an earthly creation. God’s process places that have been caused interesting are always happening there is no beginning and no end. There is again and again which is a source of confusion for some for a brief “time” when time is the experience of, “God is there something else to be said don’t we all get it here now? Can you pick us up and keep us there? Hallelujah is what we say together.”

    Well, It is not being had that way now, so God is causing something else to occur.

    Oh, and “Brevity” is not how God uses Himself with Me or anyone else understanding God as God is Always.

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