Living By Vows

While going through pre-marital counseling during our engagement, one of the things our pastor, Dr. Donald Hoke (here & here), required Carolyn and me to read was a little booklet written by his dear friend, Robertson McQuilkin, Living By Vows.  This short booklet chronicled a period in the life McQuilkin shared with his wife, Muriel – the last part.  It was a striking illustration that has stayed in my mind more than two decades later.

Now as a pastor, and as one who is given the privilege of preparing others for marriage, I have often included this little booklet as part of the required reading for those whom I counsel.  For a long time I have thought about posting McQuilkin’s story here on my blog. Now I finally do so.  Please read this and consider the example Dr. McQuilkin embodies of a godly husband (or spouse).  Let his heart compel you to renew your own commitment to your spouse.  And please share this with others.  I would love to see Dr. McQuilkin’s little booklet go viral one day.  ~ WDG


After his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, college and seminary president Robertson McQuilkin found himself torn between two commitments, two divine callings.  Here he shares the story of his struggle:

It has been a decade since that day in Florida when Muriel, my wife, repeated to the couple vacationing with us the story she had told just five minutes earlier. Funny, I thought, that’s never happened before. But it began to happen occasionally.

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