Ordo Salutis Illustrated

John Bunyan has a wondrous grasp of the theology of the Christian Life.  Pilgrim’s Progress is evidence of that.  In this classic literary masterpiece, Bunyan uses allegory to illustrate the reality, and the perils, of life in this world for God’s redeemed people.  And in the illustration above someone has taken Bunyan’s allegory and writings and made a poster of some of one of the more complex theological issues, the Ordo Salutis – or the Order of Salvation.

Why should anyone care about the Ordo Salutis? Well, a Biblical understanding of the way God has laid out our salvation not only will offer us comfort in time of our discouragement, it will move you to worship the God of our salvation when you ponder the amazing grace he has orchestrated.

I have enjoyed reflecting upon this map.  It evokes deep questions to ponder, which are also answered and illustrated on this map.  But the picture above is difficult to read clearly. To see the map in full size, or even blown up, download it by clicking: Bunyan Ordo Map