Transforming Power of the Gospel

“The good news of the Kingdom is that our King has won a marvelous victory for us. Through his sinless life, sacrificial death as our substitute, resurrection, and ascension, he has not only conquered death for us, removing its penalty, but he has also conquered sin’s power over us… Now through repentance faith, God means for us to tap into the powerful victory of our King, so that we might be transformed into true worshippers of God and more authentic lovers of people… Through faith we are always to be placing our affections on Christ”.

NOTE: This quote was taken from Steve Childers‘ unpublished paper True Spirituality: The Transforming Power of the Gospel. Steve is president of Global Church Advancement and professor at Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando.  The whole article is well worth reading, and can be accessed and downloaded from GCA web page. Click: True Spirituality

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