Mormonism vs. Christianity

With the hubbub surrounding Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress’ endorsement of Gov. Rick Perry with a denouncement of Mitt Romney and his Mormanism, the bigger, more important point may be easily overlooked.

It is easy to get caught up with the politically related issues. I for one wonder what the opponents of California’s Proposition 8 think about Jeffress’ statement.  They vilified the Mormons after that referendum in defense of marriage was passed, accusing LDS activist of mobilizing a force that distorted the views of the population. (Click: here and here).  Those who protested this proposition will certainly not find Jeffress’ Consevative Southern Baptist ideals a viable alternative. Jeffiress’ morality views will be nearly identical (as are mine).  But as much  entertainment and intrigue as this political dilemma may offer, there is a question far more important to me:  Are Mormons Christians?

Despite the commendable moral values of the LDS, the answer is unequivocally “No”.  Morality is a by-product of Christianity, a demonstration of it, not the substance of it.  It is what one believes about Jesus Christ that makes one a Christian. And the Mormons have a dramatically different view of Jesus than do Christians.

Two respected Evangelical leaders recently expressed their own thoughts:

I think what Mohler &  Stetzer have to say should be considered.  It is far more foundational than the simplistic pragmatic question whether an Evangelical should vote for a Mormon.  The question of whether Mormons are a form of Christian will likely linger,  lasting long beyond the outcomes of the Republican Primaries next year.

2 thoughts on “Mormonism vs. Christianity

  1. I’m never really surprized how far political opponents will go when they run for office.

    The discussion is a sad one. If you can not address the real issues facing America then it seems an alternative is to attack the person your running against. Even his Religion…..

    I’m still looking for the man who addresses the real issues. Religion is not one of them. (don’t missunderstand me…I’d love to see a real Christian in the White House) So what if Romney is not a “Christian”. We who are, can at the very least, Pray for Romney, as he just maybe the man God puts in office !

  2. David, You are right. While ones faith should shape his/her values, which in turn should shape the policies of a political statesman, God has created different spheres of government: Family, Church, State. All three should be related, but they are distinct.

    Just because someone professes to be a Christian, or better yet lives out his/her faith does not qualify them for office.

    I do believe faith is an important aspect of a candidate. What do they believe? Are they consistent with what they bleive? Are they faithful? If what they believe would lead them to support some unsavory policies then nix them. If they profess one thing but don’t live it out then they lack character. If they are not faithful to their own professed beliefs, why should we believe anything they say about other matters?

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