Sojourn Thru This World

“We are not citizens of this world trying to make our way to heaven; we are citizens of heaven trying to make our way through this world.”

That radical Christian insight can be life-changing. We are not to live so as to earn God’s love, inherit heaven, and purchase our salvation. All those are given to us as gifts; gifts bought by Jesus on the cross and handed over to us.

  • We are to live as God’s redeemed, as heirs of heaven, and as citizens of another land: the Kingdom of God.
  • We live a those who are on a journey home: a home we know will have the lights on and the door open and our Father waiting for us when we arrive.

That means in all adversity:

  • Our worship of God is joyful.
  • Our life is hopeful.
  • Our future is secure.

There is nothing we can lose on earth that can rob you of the treasures God has given and will give us.

~ Adapted from The Landisfarne

3 thoughts on “Sojourn Thru This World

  1. I like the context here but there is something missing I think. Yes we are citizens of heaven, but our mission is not to just make it through this world but because of the freedom & gifts Jesus has provided to us we have a higher calling than that!

    That is to make disciples of every nation. The key here is to come to a point where this broken world (it’s systems and structures and culture ) does not lay hold on us who are called citizens of Heaven by God in order to make Disciples of every people group !

    That we are free to do His Will. To take part with God to redeem all of His creation. Yes, by all means we have a hope, and a security, and the door is open waiting for us…. but lets then get on with what God has called us to accomplish. !

  2. David,

    I do not think any single writing can be comprehensive enough to express every aspect of life. For instance, if one was to judge your comment on the same basis you critique this post then one might ask where is the commitment to intimacy with God, to personal spirtual formation… It would be possible to do everything you cite and still be far from God – just as are those to whom Jesus said: “I never knew you” despite all the things they did in his name.

    Since I know your heart I know that such would be an inaccurate evaluation.

    Even the various books of the Bible, especially the NT epistles, have distinct emphases and are in one sense incomplete, while others have different emphases that work to provide a framework for faith and life.

    Thus this should be evaluated on its own merits. And perhaps if one takes a bird’s eye view of this post, the phrase “making our way through this world” could be seen as including our mission.

  3. Your correct, it could be….But the statement it self doesn’t even come close to being anything of Missional.

    I do think the statement has it’s place in our walk with God, no question. And your issue with looking to works is right on !

    But taking the statement as it’s written is, I think,…. very sad !

    We are not just trying to make it through this world ! We have a calling, a mission, and a purpose to all peoples !

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