Is John MacArthur Getting Crotchety?

Is John MacArthur getting crotchety in his old age?  I will leave that for you to decide.   My guess is opinions will vary. Some may even muse about the verb  “getting”.  But after watching a couple of brief videos he has me wondering.

Before commenting on the videos let me say that I think John MacArthur has earned respect.  He has labored to faithfully proclaim the Word of God, in depth, for decades.  He is a living example of someone who sees the message as sovereign and not the audience.  For that he should be applauded.  He will never be open to the accusation of “tickling the ears” of a fickle generation.  That said, I will confess that while I respect MacArthur I have long found him a bit polemic for my tastes.

In a relatively recent interview with MacArthur demonstrates why I both respect and am perplexed by him.  Below are two videos related to the discussion of the near future of the American Church. In particular is his prediction that the current Reformed Resurgence will reverse.

Beneath each video I will comment on what MacArthur says.

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