Sojourn Thru This World

“We are not citizens of this world trying to make our way to heaven; we are citizens of heaven trying to make our way through this world.”

That radical Christian insight can be life-changing. We are not to live so as to earn God’s love, inherit heaven, and purchase our salvation. All those are given to us as gifts; gifts bought by Jesus on the cross and handed over to us.

  • We are to live as God’s redeemed, as heirs of heaven, and as citizens of another land: the Kingdom of God.
  • We live a those who are on a journey home: a home we know will have the lights on and the door open and our Father waiting for us when we arrive.

That means in all adversity:

  • Our worship of God is joyful.
  • Our life is hopeful.
  • Our future is secure.

There is nothing we can lose on earth that can rob you of the treasures God has given and will give us.

~ Adapted from The Landisfarne