Here I Stand

Today being Reformation Sunday, the day on the ecclesiastical calender commemorating the anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the doors of the church at Wittenburg, which inadvertantly set into motion a radical transformation of both the church and Western Culture, I thought it might be appropriate to review the roots of what we celebrate.

The standard for Luther biography is set by historian Roland Bainton in his seminal work, Here I Stand.  Taking his cue from Bainton’s work, acclaimed narrator Max McLean introduces the events leading up to the Diet of Worms:

  • Martin Luther’s prayer the night before he delivered his speech
  • Luther’s stirring defense
  • the Catholic church’s rebuttal
  • Luther’s final heartfelt response

The entire audio is available below:

Total run time is 24 minutes.

McLeans cd and mp3 can be purchased by clicking: Here I Stand