You Can Change

I started reading You Can Change by Tim Chester of The Crowded House.  It is different from most books about transformation and personal growth because Chester roots everything in the dual truths of the Christian’s new identities and the power of the gospel. 

This video is Tim’s introduction and explanation of the book.

Here is what a couple others are saying about You Can Change:

A book about Christian growth that is neither quietistic nor moralistic is rare. A book that is truly practical is even rarer. Tim Chester’s new volume falls into both categories and therefore fills a gap.  ~ Tim Keller

There are few books that are shockingly honest, carefully theological, and gloriously hopeful all at the same time. Tim Chester’s book, You Can Change, is all of these and more. He skilfully uses the deepest insights of the theology of the Word as a lens to help you understand yourself and the way of change, and, in so doing, helps you to experience practically what you thought you already knew. The carefully crafted personal ‘reflection’ and ‘change project’ sections are worth the price of the book by themselves. It is wonderful to be reminded that you and I are not stuck, and it’s comforting to be guided by someone who knows well the road from where we are to where we need to be. ~ Paul Tripp

One thought on “You Can Change

  1. Dennis,

    I’ve read many books about change, probably too many. I like Tripp’s comment comment above, that we need to be reminded that we are not stuck ! Sounds like a good book…

    Change, real lasting, no kidding change, is one of the hardest things there is for people to maintain for more than 6 to 9 months. Ask any heart doctor or medical researcher on simple behavior habits that impact vary lives !

    It is possible even though the odds are against us. It takes leadership and for an organization to change.

    For those who call themselves Christ Followers it’s a bit easier however ! Kinda of weird to say that I guess. But we have God on our side ! Because He is working in us to transforme us into the image of Jesus as that is His will for us. I think as we stop our effort (working to make change happen as if we can do it) and start hearing the Gospel in us by God’s Spirit, I believe it’s then that real Change happens….

    I’ll have to put this one on my list. It sounds like it’s a valuable study.

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