Choosing the Better Thing

I really appreciate this thought by Skye Jethani, reflecting on Jesus’ Parable of the Two Sons, passed along to me recently by a good friend:

“What brought the father joy was not the older son’s service but simply his presence – having his son with him…….what mattered most to the father was neither the younger son’s disobedience nor the older son’s obedience, but having his sons with him.”

What Jethani expresses is something I am in constantant need of remembering. When I was younger (and knew a lot more than I do today) I needed to to learn that it is not my accomplishments or anything I could deliver to God or for God that the Father values most, but my delight in him.  Now that I am older, and take great joy in this reality, I need to constantly remember that this is what Jesus described in aother place, to Martha, as “choosing the BETTER thing.” (Luke 10.42)

4 thoughts on “Choosing the Better Thing

  1. Yep… Most improtant to the Father, and most important for us. I like the way Piper puts it: “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.”

  2. Everything that is experienced as interesting is describing about God. The quote understood by Jethani is interesting and is speaking to the way God is providing to both life already at unity and to life that is doing something different toward the next placement of life to show a process place of God’s always provision.

    The word obedient describing life at unity and disobedient describing life doing something different has been subjected to changes from original understandings given directly to life. The experience of a need for obedience is removed to life at unity as their direct causation by God doing and saying what God is having a united meaning across circumstances is within what is appreciated activity and emotional experiencing. With this life, there is no more placement of correction or counsel to them caused through the Holy Spirit. It can be said that obedience to the direction portion of the Holy Spirit is necessary in order to move into an existence that understands God continuously. However, when God is moving your existence into unity, God also causes your experience to be interesting. Life that can not be caused to an experience of interest will receive the Holy Spirit telling them that if they want to participate to go over to where there is something they can see that is continuable and that is loved by them and this life will be united as one existence (Mark 10.42 and Romans 8:38, One thing is needful and nothing can separate life provided to exist as love understanding God’s as one). You can not be moved into unity without having sights around that God causes interesting for your whole existence. What is able to be caused to infatuation with you, is what God provides to as you and with this what you see you will know about completely within emotion that is God when God is communicating your existence free of provisions that say do something different to know me as I am always known and to do and say what shows my current interest.

  3. What is good to know is that everything Jesus was caused to say is saying that is purposeful for describing God. To understand Jesus oriented toward describing man or man’s relating to each other is to misunderstand what God was causing to be done with His existence area. Jesus knows that God is providing and causing all that is happening and His orientation is united with that knowing. During the catch up process, early in God’s causation of my existence areas movement into united understanding of God necessary for participation in what God is providing now at unity with the area of Jesus, I was caused to understand to me the phrase, “Build it up, I am doing everything.” This was said pertaining to the causation of integration (pressure and separations) which is the counter process to the causation of unity and also the feeding process to the life at unity.

    On that day many will say to me, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?” And then will I declare to them, “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” (Matthew 7:22-23)

    This is God causing communication about what God causes Himself to see and not see. Life that never moves over to unity, God does not see and only causes Himself to understand their nervous system communication in groupings according to activity places at certain occasions through a united existence area that is caused to receive it for needed changes to what that communication is saying. Related to what God causes to be understood as nervous system information, there is nothing you can understand to be receiving to you and saying that is out of unity with what God is causing to be known, done and said now and exist as love united with Jesus in activity that provides the same knowing and saying across presentations according to each and every one of the earthly picture scenes that God is providing moment to moment.

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