The Secret Love Life of the Passionate Pastor

In this wonderfully encouraging and clarifying article Michael Milton describes the perils and joys of pastoral ministry.  Most succinctly Mike explores the three loves above all others that the true Christ-like pastor must have:

  • Love for God
  • Love for God’s Word
  • Love for God’s People

Amazingly, no mention is made about the 3 B’s most contemporary pastors are pressured by –  buildings, budgets, or butts in pews. These are constant pressures for pastors, whether these pressures come from others or the pressure is self imposed.  No doubt there is a place for these 3 B’s, but they cannot be the “first loves”, the  primary objects of our affection.

And while Mike’s piece is a wonderful reminder for we who labor as physicians of the soul, the benefit of these truths  are not limited to the “professionals”.  Mike describes what should be valued in your pastor, and characteristics that can be shared by others who long to be Christ-like servants.

To read Mike’s article, click: The Secret Love Life of the Passionate Pastor