12 Signs of a Transformed Life

What does a life transformed by the gospel look like? Well, in some ways that might depend upon what it looked like before gospel impact. Yet, Gordon MacDonald took a stab at describing a transformed life in an excellent article for Leadership Journal.

Below are the 12 marks MacDonald identifies:

  1. Has an undiluted devotion to Jesus
  2. Pursues a biblically informed view of the world
  3. Is intentional and disciplined in seeking God’s direction in life
  4. Worships, and has a spirit of continuous repentance
  5. Builds healthy, reciprocal human relationships
  6. Knows how to engage the larger world where faith is not necessarily understood
  7.  Is aware of personal “call” and unique competencies
  8. Is merciful and generous
  9. Appreciates that suffering is part of faithfulness to Jesus
  10. Is eager and ready to express the content of his faith
  11. Overflows with thankfulness
  12. Has a passion for reconciliation

To read MacDonald’s whole excellent article, click: How to Spot a Transformed Life

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