Practitioners of Love

Studying love is exciting, being taught the doctrines of love is enlightening, praying about love is heart moving, and seeing love modeled is motivating, but in the end, we must lovingly obey God and sacrificially serve people. We must be practitioners of love, not theorists. We must be doers of love, not talkers. We must forge a connection between words and actions.

~ Alexander Strauch, from Love or Die

One thought on “Practitioners of Love

  1. Sad thing is the world seldom sees John 13 : 34-35 at work in the hearts of those who call themselves Jesus Followers.

    Most are too busy either being critical of others or finding fault for some reason or another.

    Most Christians don’t get the idea that people’s circumstance most times is God’s leading in their lives. Be it good or maybe not so good.

    It’s easy to say God is working in my and others lives when things go well and we agree. It becomes difficult when things don’t go well and we may even disagree with a certain decision of others. 1 Cor 16: 12 is a good example. In fact I like the entire 16th chapter of 1 Cor. It shows God working in others lives even when we may not agree that it’s so.

    So bottom line….Loving others is most times hard. Problem is most don’t really practice it much…if at all

    Yes we need to truly love more.

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