Scandalous Freedom

I have been listening to Steve Brown‘s Scandalous Freedom podcasts over the past couple weeks.

For those not familiar with Steve, let me issue a warning: Don’t listen to him if you take yourself too seriously or think Christianity is about putting a stamp of approval on your goodness.  I guarantee that if you think that way Steve will offend you, so just save yourself some time and aggravation.

For those who think they can handle him, these messages coincide with Steve’s book of the same title, Scandalous Freedom.  In both the book and podcasts Steve challenges the idols and ideas that rob us of joy and enslave us.  He reminds us, in his masterfully colorful way, how the genuine gospel sets us free.

Here are link to the archived series, which can be listened to online or downloaded.

  1. Free Means Free
  2. Free…Really Free
  3. Freedom’s Power
  4. Some Gods Need Killin’
  5. Struggling with Truth
  6. The Real Deal
  7. The Perfection We Desire
  8. Give Up
  9. Be Still and Be Loved
  10. “The Church is a whore…
  11. The Good News of Cheap Grace
  12. The Masks We Wear
  13. The Power to Stop Pretending
  14. Masks and Gurus
  15. The Punishing Plagues of Putting People on Pedestals
  16. Guilt and Isolation
  17. The Enemies We Demonize
  18. Three Startling Statements
  19. The Humanity that Sets Us Free
  20. The Boldness We Fear
  21. The Way to Boldness
  22. Bring the Pain
  23. Kiss that Demon on the Lips
  24. The Failure We Foster
  25. The Law and Success
  26. The Path We Avoid
  27. Holding the Land
  28. The Fellowship of the Free