One thought on “How to Invite Someone to Church

  1. It is a statistical fact that only ten percent of Christians have the “spiritual gift” of evangelism. It is also a fact that only five percent ever lead someone to Christ. This means that only 5 out of 100, or 1 in 20, will lead someone to Christ, and that only half of those who are “gifted” to, actually will!

    But it is every Christian’s job to lead people to Christ, and part of that responsibility lies in inviting people to Church. Why should you invite people to church? There are at least five reasons:

    They will hear the gospel at church; some may even get saved at church
    They will connect with Christians at church
    Felt and real needs may be met at church
    Your church will grow by you inviting others
    People are more likely to come to church when invited by an individual

    Most Christians are nervous, or even a little “afraid” to invite people to church. They fear rejection, the loss of a friendship, or may feel that they will “mess things” up, due to a perceived lack of competence in this area. But you can invite others to church! You will be successful at this! People you love may come to Christ, and the church that you love may grow

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