Lessons from The Externally Focused Church


 Although everyone outside the Church is a potential ministry focus, the Externally Focused  Church moves intentionally toward two groups:

  1. Those on the margins
  2. The City

– from Externally Focused Church 

These are important points to remember when designing an outreach strategy for the local church.  The first, people on the margins of society, probably needs no explanation.  The second, while in some ways obvious, may be helpful to explain, at least a little. 

The focus on the city does not necessarily mean our focus must be on the mega metropolitan areas throughout the country and around the world.  While no doubt those places are important, when you think of “city” think simply of “places where people gather”.  Externally Focused Churches work to benefit the common good more than create places to which Christians withdraw from others.  (Jeremiah 29.7)

Introduction to Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

I have benefitted tremendously from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, from the depth and richness of the writings and the broadcasts of several of the members.  So I thought I would post this introductory video for anyone who may not be familiar with this network.

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is a cross denominational organization in which members from several Christian traditions come together united by their common commitment to the the gospel.  These guys (and ladies) genuinely reflect Paul’s words: “I am not ashamed of the gospel.”  (Romans 1.16)

Each of the members also comes from a tradition that has a recorded summary of their faith, expressed in various confessions of faith. These doctrinal statements vary on some secondary points, but each offers a wonderfully unique perspective on the gospel, and on the Christian faith.

The goal of the Alliance is to work toward a Second Reformation, or rather to work for a continued reformation of the church; to constantly see Christ’s Church more and more conformed to God’s revelation in the Scripture. 

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