Your Will Be Done in My Life

This prayer from Thomas a Kempis has really touched me where I am today:

O Lord, blessed be your name forever, for it is your will that this temptation and trouble come to me. I cannot escape it, but must run to you so that you can help me and turn it to my good.  Lord, I am now being afflicted, and my heart is troubled by my present suffering and not at peace.

And now, Dear Father, what shall I say? I am caught in the middle of trouble,  “Save me from this hour”.  Yet I come to this hour so you may might be glorified when I am deeply humbled and delivered by you.   Therefore, may it please you, Lord, to deliver me, for what can a poor wretch like I am do, or where can I go, without you?

Give me patience, O Lord, even now in this emergency. Help me, my God, and I will not be afraid of how much I may be afflicted.

~ From Imitation of Christ III.29