Love Your Neighbor

“What do you want your church to be known for?”, I was asked.   

“I want this community to know that Walnut Hill Church loves them,” I replied.   I want people to know we care about them, and that we are for them, even if they will never darken the doorway of our church. 

I believe that this is what Jesus demonstrated on earth; and I believe that’s what Christ’s church is called to be and do.  (In this way we demonstrate the Gospel that we ourselves need, have received, and that we declare.) 

I have been at Walnut Hill only a short time. But I have already seen that love more thoroughly characterizes this church than any I’ve ever been a part of.  I’ve known wonderfully loving people in our other churches – and been recipient of their gracious affections – but love just seems to permeate Walnut Hill.   So while expressing unconditional love for our community is a tall order, I have hope that by God’s grace at work in us we will be able to both demonstrate & declare the Gospel: the free gift of the Grace of Jesus Christ.   

And we are not alone…My good friend, Don Waltermeyer, just sent me this article that appeared in the local paper in Washington, PA.  It’s such a great example I wanted to share it…

Church Uses Free Food, Football to Spread Gospel

2 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor

  1. What a great example. The most persistent argument I hear from non-believers about going to church is “they (the churches) are just after our money”, and indeed, it seems most of the “media evangelism” does push for donations. Unfortunately, any good work that is being done by those ministries is invisible to the average listener/TV watcher. Memorial Pres. in Elizabethon hosts a brunch for the Twins every season that is extremely well received and very well done by the congregation. Preston [Sartelle] could provide more details about this. I personally like the idea of working in some area involving the youth (and their families) in the area. I ditto your observation about the love at Walnut Hill. I, too, have been at some wonderful churches and been the recipient of love and encouragement, but none have the ability and willingness to show love the way the members of Walnut Hill do.

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