Why I Hate Sanctity of Life Sunday


In a post yeaterday I offered my musing about Sanctity of Life Sunday.  In my reading I also stumbled upon something by Russell Moore, Dean and Vice President at Southern Seminary in Lousville, on his blog, Moore to the Point.  I found his post: Why I Hate Sanctity of Life Sunday to be simple, insightful, and sensitive.

How can I commend a guy who “hates” Sanctity of Life Sunday, when I just finished writing about it with a positive perspective? Well, you’ll have to check out Dr. Moore’s post to find out.

One thought on “Why I Hate Sanctity of Life Sunday

  1. Another great commentary on our culture and it’s sad view of life that some hold. If I had to score the fight, I think Satan is winning as far as the culture is concerned. What a call to wake up call to share the Gosple. Especially to love those who are around us that we don’t desire to see all the time. The lonly, those in nursing homes, those with no homes, and especially those who hurt because of brokeness, and the so very many who take the yet unborn little lives. I trust God knows each one of those little souls.

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