Never Exchange the Pulpit


With all the hubub that has surrounded Glen Beck and his aspiration to ascend to top of the Religious Right leadership, I was encouraged by an open letter written by Nancy Guthrie to the pastors of her church. 

Guthrie states that what has concerned her more than the fact that Beck is a Morman is a statement Beck made on The O’Reilly Factor:

“240 pastors, priests, rabbis, and imams on stage all locked arms saying the principles of America need to be taught from the pulpit.”

In short, Guthrie affirms her love for America, but is grateful that her pastors have refused to neglect the preaching of the gospel in exchange for preaching American principles. 

Like the Apostle Paul, I am “astonished” that so many are turning from the Gospel that they claim to have received (and are charged to preach) and are turning to another gospel – which is no gospel at all. (Galatians 1.6-9

If the ministers of the gospel turn to preach politics, who will proclaim the Word of Life?

To read Nancy Guthries thoughts, click: Open Letter

4 thoughts on “Never Exchange the Pulpit

  1. Beck isn’t the only one taking either from the pulpit or encouraging others to speak from the pulpit on political issues. The Speaker of the House in fact did speak from the Pulpit of a Cathloic Church recently encouraging others in political matters.

    The issue on Beck is loaded with miss information and statements out of context. But that holds true for much of what others say about what politicians talk about. I’m not a Beck guy but he does make some interesting statements and brings up little known facts at times.

    But yes, I agree the Gospel must be preached from the pulpit or platform, stool, or chair or whatever and not be exchanged for political speak. The Gospel changes people’s hearts, not politics. Politics give people heart attacks! 🙂

    I often wonder why then do we have the American Flag on the platform of many of our Churches? Isn’t that a political statement of a kind? Should we not have flags at all? Just saying…

  2. My post is not a reflection on Glen Beck, per se. I don’t have an axe to grind with Beck. Generally I have thought of him positvely, though I think some of his more recent reporting is conspiracy-laced.

    The point of the post is simply to affirm what should be obvious, but apparently is not: If pastors preach politics and “American Ideals” who will then proclaim the gospel. Plenty of people pontifiacte about American Exceptionalism. Relatively few are committed to “knowing nothing… except Christ crucified”.

    As for the flags in the sanctuary, I am not really a fan of that either. But it is not a problem unless we start using the Pledge of Allegiance in the liturgy. While I know it is not the traditional motive behind the hanging of the flag, its presence should be a reminder that God has placed us here for a reason. In that line, I would not be opposed to having flags of many nations hanging in a sanctuary.

  3. By the way, on your flag comment it may be a good idea to have the flags of those countries that we support through Missions in our Church. It may give a slight different meaning to why we have flags in the sanctuary…

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