5 Songs for Good Friday

With Easter coming Sunday, the MOST Holy day on the Christian calendar, it is easy to overlook or undervalue Good Friday.  But to do so deprives us of great opportunity to glory in the Cross.

When I was a kid, I remember asking my mother one day: “Why do they call it Good Friday, if that’s the day they killed Jesus?”  My mother, who is not a theologian, gave the best answer she could: “Well, I guess it because we know he rose again.”

My mother was right. No doubt the death of Jesus cannot be considered apart from the Resurrection that was to follow.  All our blessings are wrapped up in these two inseparable events.

But there is even more to it than that. The death of Christ itself, not alone but as a distinct redemptive act, carries it’s own beauty when viewed from this side of the Cross.  It was Jesus’ blood shed on the Cross that paid the debt for all my depravity, and set my sin into remission.  It is by Jesus’ voluntary death that we most vividly view the love of God – that we most clearly see nearly all of God’s attributes, really.

So with this in mind, and in hope to redeem the day for our greatest good, here are 5 songs for Good Friday that focus us on the blessing of that GREAT first Good Friday:

NOTE: All songs played on MOG. You may have to sign up for this free app to listen. But once you listen, you’ll agree it was worth it.

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