Partnering Thru Prayer

“We must pray.”

This is the opening phrase of a worthwile post: Ways We Can Pray for Christ’s Church by J.E. Eubanks Jr.  The post is first in a series that appears in ByFaith magazine.

The opening paragraph reads:

We must pray.  Whether it be in public and in concert with other believers, or privately and even silently, we pray. Even when we lack the words, our hearts and minds offer wordless utterances before the Lord.

Eubanks goes on:

And we must pray for the church. As no Christian has his or her true identity apart from God (which is why we unite ourselves to Him in prayer), so no believer has his or her true identity as a Christian apart from His Body. Therefore, we both unite ourselves to one another, and to our Savior, in praying for Christ’s church.

But how do we pray for Christ’s Church? 

Beyond a few “Bless our [Insert Name of Particular Ministry Here]”, people seem to get bogged down when praying for the Church.

Eubanks offers a few helpful suggestions:

1. How to Pray for God’s Glory

2. How to Pray for the Church using four metaphors used in Scripture:

  • God’s Body
  • God’s Family
  • God’s Army
  • Jesus’ Bride

To read the entire article click: Pray for Christ’s Church