Taking Pieces of Heaven to Place of Hell On Earth

Jesus says: “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not stand up…” –Matthew 16.18

First it is important to remind ourselves that in this challenge Jesus is calling his church to take an Offensive stike, not a Defensive response. The church is to take the initiative, go, and storm the gates. This verse does not suggest the church create a fortress and stand guard, as we too freequently have done.

Second, we must ask ourselves what this means practically. I’ve been through some pretty rough neighborhoods, but I have yet to see a literal enterence to the actual Hell.  So how can we act out on this passage?

Palmer Chinchen offers us some insights.  In the line of thinking presented in Richard Stearns’ The Hole in Our Gospel, Chinchen challenges Christ’s church to come together to make a difference, and storm the gates and stem the growth of Hells on Earth. 

Chinchen, pastor of The Grove in Chandler, Arizona, is brother of one of my old seminary classmates.  I don’t know Palmer, but have high regard for Paul. Now I also have high regard for Palmer’s passion.

One thought on “Taking Pieces of Heaven to Place of Hell On Earth

  1. I agree Dennis. The old saying the best defense is a great offense and in the Church world I think that rings true.

    Issue is how, when, and where in our Body Life together? When Jesus says the fields are white and ready to harvest I don’t think I’m too far off the mark saying this is in part what He may be meaning.

    Trouble is we are a bit too self focused in our own Christian huddles and not engaging or performing on the fields He asked to.

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