Me Worship

The foolishness caricatured in this video probably needs no comment. It touches on what is perhaps the most common plague of American Evangelicalism: the notion that life (and Church)  is all about me – what I like, what I want, etc. 

God seems to have other ideas. In Isaiah 48.11 God says:

For my own sake, for my own sake, I do this.
       How can I let myself be defamed?
       I will not yield my glory to another

This problem may nowhere be more evident than in the worship wars that erupt in many congregations. What might worship be like if our primary concern was God’s glory? If we primarily asked ourselves what God enjoys?

One thought on “Me Worship

  1. Dennis, I can tell you it would be DIFFERENT ! having said that one of my dreams regarding Worship is loud joyous praise, deep heart felt prayer on our knees, open doors to remind us that those outside are invited in, time of confession and repentance again in much prayer (my house shall be called a house of Prayer) a time to give and thanksgiving and giving to the real needs of the Church and Community, longing for the Word to be spoken and taught, no time limits, finishing with the Lords Supper and ending in much prayer. I think that might begin to touch on it for me…

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