Ah!! You Just Said a BAD Word!

Tony Campolo is famous – or infamous – for a statement made at a Christian college chapel service:

“The United Nations reports that over ten thousand people starve to death each day, and most of you don’t give a SH%T.  However, what is even more tragic is that most of you are more concerned about the fact that I just said “sh%t” than you are about the fact that ten thousand people are going to starve today.”

Let me ask you:

  • What was your first thought when you read that quote?  Did you visualize thousands of starving people? Or were you stunned by the use of the “bad” word?
  • Imagine if you had been in the congregation at your church and he made that statement. What would have struck you then?
  • Can think of any better way to point out that sometimes we do not have the heart and priority of Christ? 
  • Can you think of a better way to reveal our tendency toward self-righteousness and legalism?

I’ve never had the nerve to say anything like this from the pulpit. Maybe if I was a traveling speaker who didn’t have to face the same crowd again a week later I might have considered it…

Easy Chairs & Hard Words

Some time ago I posted a series of fictional discussions between a young man from a Broadly Evangelical background and a seasoned minister in a more historical theological tradition.  The series is titled Easy Chairs & Hard Words. It was penned by Douglas Wilson of Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho, and first appeared in Credenda Agenda.

These engaging instructive narratives have come to mind in a few discussions over the past couple weeks, so I decided it might be good to republish them. At least I will post links to each of the six chapters: 

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 1

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 2

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 3

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 4

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 5

Easy Chairs & Hard Words – Part 6