If the Gospel Overtakes China…

In the news recently are reports that China’s Communist Leaders Fear Christian Population May Reach 300 Million by 2030. I first heard it mentioned on an episode of Breakpoint podcast, then later read about it from a couple of sources, including The Christian Post linked above. I have long been aware that the church in China was growing rapidly, exponentially. I have read that there are believed to be more Evangelical Christians in China than in the USA – more even than in the USA and Europe combined. But until this recent report, I don’t think I comprehended that the committed Christian population in China will soon match the total population of the USA! (USA estimates roughly 330 million population.) Astounding. Clearly God is doing an amazing thing among the Chinese people.

What has most grabbed my attention, however, is not the sheer number of Christians in China, but the seeming divergent tales of two cultures in response to the growing number of Christians in China and despite the growing number of Christians in China.

First, are the reports that the Communist Chinese government is aware and afraid of the growing number of Christians. They have tried persecution, executions, etc., but nothing has stopped the growth of the Church. Now realizing that the gospel cannot be stopped, and that at some point the number of Christians will lead to radical changes undermining the power of the Communist government, Party leaders fear losing their near absolute control.

Second, in contrast to the reports from China, here in the USA, many Evangelical Christians are among the Americans living in fear that the Church has lost the culture, and that China may soon take over the USA (here) – and maybe even the world! (here, here)

So here’s my question: Why is it that so many who believe the Gospel – and who believe in the God of the gospel – fear those who are afraid of the gospel that they know they are unable to overcome? Why do we not trust – and pray – that God is working out his purposes? (Habakkuk 2.14, Romans 8.28)

For those interested in learning more about what God is doing in China, check out:

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