Moralism Trap

To reach people in our day, the gospel will have to be distinguished from moralism, because moralism is what most people outside the church think Christianity is all about – rules and standards and behavior and cleaning yourself up.  Millions of people, both inside and outside the church, believe that the essential message of Christianity is: “If you behave, then you belong.”  From a human standpoint, that’s why most people reject Christianity.

~ Tullian Tchividjian, from Jesus + Nothing = Everything

One thought on “Moralism Trap

  1. Yah…..another elder brother issue ! Always doing whats right and thinking that’s the ticket to God’s acceptance and love.

    Probelm is it leaves Jesus out of the picture. We even have to repent of what we think are our good doings ! That is if we think they give us any rightousness at all.

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