Anxiety: “Do Not Be Anxious”

Three times, in his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus instructs us “Do not be anxious…” (Matthew 6.25, 31, 34) The repetition is a rhetorical cue that he really means it. It could almost sound as if Jesus is doing his own version of the old Bob Newhart Stop It! sketch. Why is Jesus so resolute that we deal with our anxieties?

  1. Anxiety bears no good fruit
  2. Anxiety bears bad fruit
  3. Anxiety essentially questions God’s sovereignty
  4. Anxiety essentially questions God’s wisdom
  5. Anxiety essentially questions God’s goodness
  6. Finally, and ultimately, because the One who said “Do not be anxious…” solved our greatest problem at the Cross by receiving the punishment we deserve for our sins.

One thought on “Anxiety: “Do Not Be Anxious”

  1. Thanks for that encouragement, Dennis. There is so much fear within and without!

    I was also encouraged today in one of my readings that reminded me that we have the Spirit of God within to give us the ability to ‘not fear’. Can’t do it in my own strength…need to confess when I am afraid and ask for the enabling of the Spirit to trust God.

    For His glory, Kathy

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