3 thoughts on “Go And Make Disciples…

  1. Thats what I’m talking about ! AMEN & AMEN

    This is what I am looking for in a Church. A Church concerned with those outside (while not forgetting those who hurt inside)and a heart beat for no kidding disciple making.

    Issue is, many talk, few lead, or are willing to take the steps required to make disciple making real in the Church.

    If we are to do this we MUST rethink what Church is about. I think it’s a “Movement”….A movement to get the Gospel to as many as possible. Creating a wave of power over sin, bondage, sickness, lonelyness, hurt and self. To a place of restoration, peace, acceptance, help, and Discipleship.
    This is not done on Sunday morning by it’s self ! ………….

  2. Yep! Fortunately I am part of a church that displays a number of these characteristics, and is in a slow but definte process of moving even more this way. People in this small church are serving in a number of way throughout our community: mentoring teenage mothers, caring and providing for the homeless, engaging and discipling middle schoolers, providing assitance to the poor – especially single mothers and the Elderly. We have even had opportunity to be pivotal in launching strategic ministries that we do not “own”, but which are bearing ongoing fruit throughout the Tri Cities! These are only a few of the things our members do to express their faith through love.

    On top of all this, there is a level of humility. Many of our church members serve while few others are even aware – even others in our church. (Sometimes I as pastor only learn about their service from others.) These folks want no fanfare. They simply serve and love… They also love one another; and a growing number are committed to studying scripture and deepening their understanding of sound doctrine, and learning how to apply it to their own hearts and lives.

    To me it it is sad that for some this is not enough. Some folk seeem to want noteriety for whatever they do – some posting every little thing on Facebook or finding some other subtle ways of leaking out their good works. Some churches also seem to see their good works as a marketing tool. But, I guess as Jesus said, They are getting their reward now in the praise and admiration of others. Our small church, with all our flaws and shortcomings, isn’t flashy or polished enough for some. So I guess we will just keep plugging along, welcoming and loving whoever wants to join us.

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