Bob Newhart: Just Stop It

During the NCAA Championship football game last night, between Oregon and Ohio State, comedian Bob Newhart unexpectedly began trending on Twitter and Facebook.  Likely this was because of the games referee, who had an uncanny resemblance to Newhart – a much more buff Bob Newhart.  When I first noticed this resemblance I did not say anything, assuming the association was probably in my mind only.  Not long after another guy in the group shared his observation, and several others agreed.  Before long one of the guys checked Twitter, and lo and behold the trend.

As a kid I watched The Bob Newhart Show on many a Saturday night. In fact, it was because of that show I briefly thought  becoming a psychologist, and counseling for a living, might be an interesting career.  But that idea soon faded.  So it seems a little ironic that, as a pastor, a fair amount of my time is spent in counseling.

While  have posted this video before, several years ago, because Bob Newhart is back in vogue – at least for today – I thought I would post it again so that those who never had the opportunity to see The Bob Newhart Show, or those who have forgotten, can see the master at work.  Of course this video is not from the actual TV show, but rather is a comedy sketch. Nevertheless, it is Bob Newhart counseling a client.  His approach here in not one I would intentionally employ, but I do have to admit there have been times it would be tempting.

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