The Chief End of Man & God

I am inclining my ear listening for the collective “OUCH”!   But sometimes the truth hurts. Such is the case with this observation and assertion by Paul Copan, from his book, Is God a Moral Monster?, when applied to the typical American Evangelical:

The Westminster Shorter Catechism (1647) begins with this question: ‘What is the chief end of man?’ The famous response is: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.’

For many in the West (including professing Christians), the chief goal of many individuals is to ‘further my interests and to enjoy myself forever.’  Or if God exists, then the Catechism’s answer is subconsciously revised to this: ‘The chief end of God is to make me as comfortable and pain-free as possible’…

God’s ultimate role isn’t to advance my own interests and freedom… Rather, God seeks the interpersonal intimacy with us in the context of covenant making. .. God is the all-good Creator and Life-giver. He desires that his creatures live life as it should be.

My thanks to Tom Wood and the folks at for this quote.

2 thoughts on “The Chief End of Man & God

  1. I wonder what the author means when he says…..” God seeks the interpersonal intimancy with us in the context of covenant making ” …. and ” ..He desires that His creatures live live as it should be “…

    I would guess that means different things to different people.

  2. The truth hurts when it is coming in parts of truth not being seen at unity together across activity and experiences caused to be understood to you aware (meaning you know it happened, you go around with it) throughout an existence. There is nothing that is not true, however, there exists parts of truth connected together in a way that does not support a conduction of the experience of Hallelujah (glory, celebration, appreciation, united knowing about what God is doing).

    The phrase collective “ouch” is interesting and there is a collective ouch that is only allowed to reach a certain threshold. God understands this experience to Himself and caps that removing experiencing ability and continuable circumstances when it exceeds what is always allowed to happen within creation happenstances.

    The first paragraph above is united truth.

    Paragraph two is not understanding complete. It is misunderstanding God’s causation interest span. God causes united interest to which full knowing is placed or reverse interest according to where an existence is at activity moment to moment. For life that is created to understand aware to God continuously, if you can see life around you that is caused to be experienced to you as love then you will know completely about what you are seeing. For life that is created to do and say, you will do and say what you love that can be added to seamlessly at unity with life that can see you and not tell you something. This is the Holy Spirit and everyone and everything eventually moves in knowing how they are doing something that is interesting to God and to them now.

    Paragraph three is “under the elevator shaft” in many places separating life from non continuable understandings seen as from human beings. When being understood is under the elevator shaft you would use yourself to understand it as God saying something directly to an area of life receiving at the time through negative energy: For example, “I am doing something that I am interested in that I always do and there is no one telling me something. I see what I cause to exist as love and I am doing nothing different. I am doing everything with everyone. Everything that I am causing to be done is supposed to happen.

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