3 thoughts on “Church Consumerism

  1. I agree Dennis. Pretty sad picture Matt presents.

    However Contemporary Evangelicals are an easy target these days and many who may be cridical somtimes carry the message a bit far. Like saying big box Churches are this or that way and they are not really worshipping.

    I’d be the first to admit that some push consumerism a bit too much. I also think that consumerism crosses all size and style of Churches and is not limited to Contempoary Churches.

    But Matt makes a great point. Your correct you’ve communicated this message. (I think well by the way).

    I’m beginning to be aware & very careful on battles I pick and especially when it comes to dumping on the Church. But consumerism is an issue that all of us need to be aware of.

    The what’s in it for me attitude hits all styles of Churches.

  2. I am not sure if you are hearing something here that I am not hearing. I don’t recall any reference to a particular type of church, except those who encourage consumerism. If amyone assumes Matt Chandler has some aversion or beef with large churches, the one he pastors grew from 150 to 5000+.

  3. Maybe I’m reading into it a bit. I know many big box Churches use things like book stores, coffee shops, internet streaming, etc. Not sure if Matt is talking about these things or the attitude of using the platform to teach a water downed Gospel of some sort to make people feel good. Need to take another listen.

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