2 thoughts on “Faithful Evangelism

  1. Dennis,

    Why do think so many who claim the name of Christian shy away from any sort of evanglism ?

    I’ve got my own thoughts on the subject. I think it has to do with our relationship with Jesus and maybe some questions below.

    – Do I really have a relationship with Jesus ?
    – Am I concerned that people will go to a place God calls Hell ?
    – Am I convinced that Jesus has the answers to sin & death ?
    – Am I ashamed of the Gospel ?
    – Am I afraid of what people will think ?
    – Do I even know how to share the Gospel with my friends and neighbors ?
    – Do I know and have real friends who may not know Jesus ? or am I just around church people all the time ?
    – Have I taken the time it takes for preperation ?
    – Does the Gospel flow from my life ?
    – Won’t God get all “his” people in heaven without me anyway ?

  2. Maybe it is a question of priorities — people these days are so busy, but being busy still involves choice. Let us choose obedience to Christ’s commission.

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