What Makes a Good Church?

Steve Erickson of Pointway Church in Baxter, Minnesota serves up some up beat thoughts to the question: What makes a good church?

“What makes a good church?

If all the…

…Lazy folks get up
…sleepy folks wake up
…Discouraged folks cheer up
…Gossiping folks shut up
…Dishonest folks fess up
…Estranged folks make up
…Depressed folks look up
…Disgusted folks sweeten up
…Lukewarm folks fire up
…Sanctified folks show up
…Leading folks live up
…Vowing folks pay up
…And all soldiering folks stand up.”

2 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Church?

  1. Guess this post wouldn’t qualify for your previous post about worship and the institution of the Church….LOL It is funny though, and what Makes some things funny, is there connection to some truth !

  2. I am not sure what you mean. Does something seem inconsistent between this post and the Organic Church post?

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