Gently Down Which Stream?

Collin Hansen, Justin Taylor, and Owen Strachen discuss the re-emergence of Calvinism, the streams of the Reformed tradition, and the different faces of Evangelicalism. 

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3 thoughts on “Gently Down Which Stream?

  1. Not sure what to say about this Dennis. I think the men here bring out some honest critical thoughts on the Reformed movement.

    I do think it’s sad that we have so much division within the Christian Church on even our basic believes let alone the deeper issues of the Gospel and His Mercy and Grace.

    I like the comments on really doing vs just talking and think thats the key in all the discussion. There should not be a seperation between what we think and say and what we do. But too often there is. I am guilty of that too much.

    We all need to learn to Love God and others more and more and determine what that looks like for our Church.

  2. Divisions have been around a long time. However, there are clear signs of bridging many divisions through groups like Together for the Gospel, The Gospel Coalition, etc, which cross denominational lines and unite on the principles and substance of the Gospel.

    One of the reasons division continues is because fewer and fewer, even in the Church, are able to give a clear and comprehensive explanation of what Christian believe. The less believed the less professing Christians have in common; and the less they are able to discuss intelligently, or edifyingly, varying perspectives. The less in common the more we differ. Thus divisions. The dumbing down of the church is also a significant reason for her impotence.

    I agree that that statements about “doing” Christianity is vital. However, can people really “do” what they do not really know? Can such “doing” be sustained? Righteousness that Christians are called to is not merely a matter of doing right things, it is a matter of being compelled to right action in response to belief of the specific substantive Truth of the Gospel.

    The hope for the advancement of the Kingdom is not in lessening our theological understanding, but in recovering it and then acting on it.

  3. I think your correct Dennis, in that we do need to recover our knowledge, understanding, and knowing what we believe and why.

    interesting conversation by those in the video.

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