Ancient Prayer

Here is a beautiful description of prayer from my friend John Smed:

“In believing prayer, we learn to connect our present troubles to the good and perfect will of God.  We refuse to believe that chance rules our lives.  We withstand the temptation to imagine that God is capricious or malicious.  We know he has a higher purpose and that he is not dealing with us as our sins deserve. As we bring our troubles to Jesus in prayer—asking his will to be done—we approve the will of our Father in heaven. We see our sufferings in the greater reality of his good, acceptable, and perfect will.  In prayer we “turn crisis to Christ.”  Our heart becomes tuned to his heart and we sing the song of grace.”

– John Smed is Senior Pastor of Grace – Vancouver. He is also a Consultant/Trainer with Global Church Advancement (GCA). 

One thought on “Ancient Prayer

  1. Dennis, some great and reasoned truths in your friends description of prayer. It rings true from God’s control of circumstance and His Mercy and Grace in our lives.

    However, I wonder at times how much of our trouble is brought about from ourselves as a result of sin and living life as we wish and not in accordance with God’s principles or His Word ? And even our own dumb actions. (Christians do some stupid things at times. Didn’t you write a post on your blog about that?) As we do suffer the results of our own actions. I believe we all seek our own comfort for the most part and the results of that are a varied mix of putting self first and even using God in a way.

    From that perspective then prayer seems to be something to be done and not really an act of Worship and even may be ineffective in that persons life.

    The other issue is not in all circumstance is it very easy to see God’s greater good and purpose. There seems to be a tension if you will even in Scripture. Luke 13:34 may be an example.

    Guess it’s not all that easy to live out every day. May be easier to write than to live. Wonder why there is a difference in what we think and believe and what we do much of the time?

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