5 Questions to Connect With Your Kids

Ever stumped about what to talk about with your children? I am. The following are 5 great questions from the National Fatherhood Initiative that will help connect parents to their children and their children’s world:

  1. What Is The Most Important Thing That Happened Today?  This is a great way to get more than a yes or no answer when you ask about your child’s life and day.
  2. How Are You And Your Friends Getting Along? You’ll get to know your child’s social circle and may get a heads up on drama that could be brewing and may cause some later problems.
  3. What Is Something I Should Know About You? This question is great for growing any relationship – and you’re guaranteed to learn something surprising.  Just be prepared to have an answer, too!
  4. What Should We Celebrate Today?  Make it a goal to have fun with your kids and bring joy into your family’s life on a regular basis.  It can be as simple as popsicles on the back porch, a good grade on a quiz, or your favorite show being on TV.  Savor the little things together.
  5. Do You Know That I Love You?  You can never say this too much.  Always tell your kids you love them – and for who they are, not just for what they do.

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