Are We One?


The church I pastor, Walnut Hill Church, has a problem. While not uncomon, it is an unusual problem in a day when 85% of all American Churches are stagnant or in serious decline.  But it is not a problem I expect will generate a lot of sympathy from the pastors or members of most other churches.

We have a space problem.  Our sanctuary is too small to comfortably or reasonably seat all of our members – much less our guests.  Missiologist Peter Wagner calls this problem “Sociological Strangulation“. 

The solution? We’ll look at a number of options. But the seasoned leaders I’ve spoken with keep reaffirming what I have already suspected for some time: In the absence of the funds to build a new building, we need to add a second service. 

While that sounds simple enough, for some reason that idea unnerves people.  It also seems to evoke a recurring question: Will we have two different styles – one contemporary service and one traditional service? 

For those who think two styles is the unquestionably preferable way to go, I suggest taking some time to hear from someone who has thought through  and worked through this issue, and has come to the conclusion that two styles is not the preferable, nor even the healthiest, approach. 

Earlier this week, in a post on The Gospel Coalition blog, Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, expresses his reasons for sythesizing the services of that high profile congregtion.

To read what Tullian has to say, click: We Are One.

I appreciate Tullian’s thoughts.  While they may go against the grain of some Church Growth practitionaers and principles, Tullian’s chief concern is that the church be what it is supposed to be – to be what God wants it to be.  And that is my chief concern, too.

2 thoughts on “Are We One?

  1. There’s another answer Dennis….(by the way, I agree you don’t want different styles of Worship at least anytime soon I would think)…But you can multi cast in the fellowship building and thereby avoid the issue associated with two services. Not sure we are really in need today but maybe this winter…

    Just a thought before you nail down an approcah.

  2. David,

    It seems, to me, that the option you mention is really a different form of a second service. We’ll consider all possible options.

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