Christianity vs The Good Life

My friend Gerald Robison writes:

The goal of popular Christianity today is to live “the good life” – not “a good life”.  Much of 21st century preaching focuses on the blessings of God.  Only in the lives of “others” is hardship, trials, persecution, suffering and martyrdom mentioned.
 The focus of that popular teching is on the listeners, not the kingdom of Christ or the vast warfare taking place in the spiritual realms around us.  According to Scripture, what occurs in those realms can impact, influence and alter lives in this one.  Too often we act as if it doesn’t. 
To many Christians today “Onward Christian Soldiers” is only a song, not a mind-set.  Rarely do modern Christians think or act as if they truly are involved in a spiritual battle. 
These words introduce the theme of his new book: The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Warfare.