Worship and/or Counseling pt. 2

Several years ago an article in Journal of Biblical Counseling opened my eyes to see that counseling is a Ministry of the Word.  True Christian Counseling often involves helping people discern their bestting sin, personal idols, and functional unbelief, and then helping them apply the gospel to their lives.  This is what the Ministry of the Word does, whether it comes in the form of preaching, teaching, or counseling.  With that understanding, then, it should be no surprise that Worship can also carry a function of Counseling. 

In this video David Powlison of CCEF and Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Ministries continue their discussion about how worship can effect personal transformation in the participant and the worship leaders’ responsibilty to lead people to fully enter into worship in a way that opens the participant to experience what God will do in them.

[This is Part 2 of 2]