Tebow’s Turmoil

Who knows where such nonsense gets started?  But whoever it was that first suggested Tim Tebow’s throwing flaws are the fault of Florida Coach Urban Meyer is, to say it kindly, misguided.

It was reported that, at a recent press conference, Tebow explained he had a lot of work to do and acknowledged that his years at Florida had not prepared him for the NFL.  Some quickly took Tebow’s words as a slap at Coach Meyer, or at least that Tebow’s words reveal that he had somehow been slighted by Meyer.

Pundits suggested Tebow flaws provide recruiting fodder for Alabama’s Nick Saban.   

It is reasoned, if Florida did not get Tebow NFL ready who could they get ready? Then, adding the fact that Tebow’s highly touted predecessor, Chris Leak, failed to make an NFL roster after his college career, these self acclaimed experts point the finger at Florida’s spread offense, and declare that Urban Meyer’s system is to blame.  And thus, if Meyer can’t prepare QB’s, even of the calibur of Tebow & Leak, for the NFL, why should any prospect who has aspirations of playing on Sundays even consider Florida,  if he has the opportunity to play elsewhere – especially, say, Alabama?

I agree with sportswriter Mike Bianchi who says: “It is not Urban Meyer’s Job to Make Tim Tebow NFL-Ready“. Bianchi makes a good case, but I would g even further.

I don’t know if Tebow will make himself into an NFL star or not.  But fortunately Tebow know that the NFL is not the real measure of success in life. 

Second, those who are blaming Meyer have no idea what it takes to be an NFL QB.  They seem to assume that good coaches can just crank them out.  Or maybe they just grow on trees.  But the truth is that there are many, many reasons that some great college QB’s never cut it in the NFL, while other merely adequate college QB’s thrive. (See Tom Brady for example.)

Finally, while I have my doubts that Nick Saban is involved in this stuff at all, I would suggest he – and any coach – look at his own legacy before he take aim at Urban Meyer.  Who was the last successful QB Alabama sent to the NFL? Richard Todd?  How about Saban himself?  Did any of his LSU QB’s shine at the next level?  I’d hate to claim that I can make a kid into the next Jamarcus Russell, if I were Saban.  That’s a sure way to get a kid to go elsewhere.

One thought on “Tebow’s Turmoil

  1. Good post Dennis…I agree and certanily couldn’t have said it better. I too wonder where in the world these things get there start. Probably some sports announcer somewhere trying to make up a story out of context, rather than anything else…

    Urban Meyer’s record stands among the top. There’s always someone wanting to tarnish the guy’s at the top. Not sure why that is exactly but maybe it has to do with pride and trying to look better than the next guy by putting others down. I think it’s called sin. Does that mean now I’m guilty as well!

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