Hume Offers Tiger Way Out of the Woods

I’ve been a fan of Brit Hume ever since, during my college years, I saw him as a panelist of a debate for the 1984 Presidential Election.  The panelist preceding Hume asked a question to one of the candidates, who then essentially filabustered – he talked in non-sensical circles until his time had elapsed.  In his turn Brit Hume followed up by asking the candidate: “My first question is, Why didn’t you answer the previous question?”  I liked that.

Hume’s directness has again stirred some controversy when last weekend he chimed in on the saga of Tiger Woods.  Boldly and with clarity he said something I had been thinking, essentially: “If Woods would turn his life to Christ he could experience forgiveness and restoration.”  (See clip above. Also watch as Hume explains his comments to Bill O’Reilly.)  

Justin Taylor, at Between Two Worlds, has posted some exerpts of interviews Hume has given over  the past few years that reveal a glimpse of the depths of  Hume’s faith.  (Click: Brit Hume, Tiger Woods, and Jesus Christ

Despite the flack he has received for his commentary, I don’t think this journalist will be backing down.

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