Voicing Displeasure

Philippians 2.14 says: “Do everything without complaining…” 

I wonder if the Apostle Paul would make any exceptions for entertainment value.

Perhaps not.

But there is a growing trend around the world that is adding creativity to complaining. They are calling themselves Complaint Choirs.  Complaint Choirs are groups of people who blend their laments into humorous songs.  Most are then “airing” their gripes on YouTube.

The first complaint choir was established in Birmingham, England. Since then they have spread across Europe to Canada (the above video), the US, Singanpore, etc. New choirs continue to spring up around the world. 

Now a web site has been developed – Complaints Choirs Worldwide –  with a locator map to track these expanding groups.  The site even has a link that allows viewers to rate thier favorite choirs. 

NOTE: Listen to the NPR interview with a leader of the Helsinki Complaints Choir: Voicing Displeasure

2 thoughts on “Voicing Displeasure

  1. If I complain about complaint choirs is it a complaint or just a comment? They are funny….. I think your right, I don’t think Paul would participate in one but he may just have a smile on his face. Humor is one way of dealing with things that bother us, but I believe how we deal with situations, frustrations, and things that bother us gives us an idea of how we really respond to a Sovereign God who is in control of all things.

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