Tide’s Tarnished Trophy?

Hats off to Alabama’s Crimson Tide. A dominating defense carried them to their eighth NCAA Football Championship – the first in nearly 20 years.  Two 100 yard rushers on offense not only drained the clock, but in the end also drained what was left of the spirit of the out manned Texas Longhorns.  Texas played a commendable second half, but the outcome was almost completely in the books before the first quarter ended.

Despite the Tide’s dominating performance Thursday night, more than one headline I have seen since has declared Alabama’s undisputed National Championship “mysterious”.  What was the mystery?  People can only wonder what would have been had Texas All American QB Colt McCoy not suffered a game ending shoulder injury during the first drive. 

I think specualtion is good, though.  Taking nothing away from Alabama, this game will be far longer remembered because of the “What If” than for any other reason.  It lends an element of specualtion to non-Alabama supporters.  It promotes enjoyable arguments about who was really best that will go on until the ball is teed-up next September – and maybe longer than that for Longhorns left wanting.

It also shows that college football does NOT need a playoff.

Despite the TV commentators and executives who are crying for a championship, what would that prove? If the argument is that the championship should be settled on the field because any other way leaves a shred of doubt as to who is the actual champ, this game shows that even if a game is played the outcome can still be shrouded in doubts.  What will a series of such games prove – other than the networks can make a few more dollars?

But I think this “controversy” is good for the game, and for the sports fan.  It gives people something to talk about.  I don’t think a playoff would add anything. In fact I will hate to see it when it eventually comes to be.

Alabama is the champion. They earned it.

BUT what if…?

2 thoughts on “Tide’s Tarnished Trophy?

  1. I agree that debate is good. I also know that if we try hard enough we can ask “what if” about a lot of things. What if Sam Bradford wasn’t hurt during the UT/OU game? Is UT even playing in the title game? Just a thought.

  2. What do you call a NCAA Football Championship if fans of other teams have “what if” questions about it?
    A NCAA Football Championship, and yet another expansion of that big tropy case in Tuscaloosa that holds all the other NCAA National Championships, oh, and the new one to honor the Heisman Trophy.
    There are no “what if” questions that are valid. The team with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

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