New City Catechism

Over the weekend I spent some time reviewing the relatively new New City Catechism.  While it has been around for a couple years now, and I had heard about it even prior to it’s original publication, I had not really given it much attention, until now.

I was impressed by the combination of depth and simplicty this catechism posesses.  Broken into just 52 questions, it is a fairly comprehensive introduction to the substance of the Christian Faith, and yet it manages to avoid being verbose in any of it’s questions and answers.  I am now giving thought to ways we might make use of this tool in our church.

The video above is an Introduction to the New City Catechism from Knox Seminary.  The New City Catechism web site not only has the Q&A’s, but for each of the 52 Questions there is a tab with accompanying scripture support, a short commentary, and even a brief video explanation by a variety of renouned pastors and theologians.

Check out: New City Catechism

New City Catechism

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