A Christmas Reflection: Allowing God to Work in Us

Christmas Mary

Consider Mary’s response to the angel. The angel has come to Mary and says: “Mary, you are going to give birth to the long-promised Messiah.”

This was a unique promise, and unrepeatable. There is something totally unique here: the birth of the eternal second Person of the Trinity into this world.

What was her response?

  • She could have rejected the idea and said: “I do not want it: I want to withdraw; I want to run…”
  • She could have said: “I now have the promises, so I will exert my force, my character, and my energy, to bring forth the promised thing.”

But what she did say is beautiful, it is wonderful. She says:

“Behold, the bondmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy Word.” – Luke 1.38

There is an active passivity here. She took her own body, by choice, and put it into the hands of God to do the thing that he said he would do, and Jesus was born. She gave herself to God…

This is a beautiful, exciting, personal expression of a relationship between a finite person and the God she loves.

~ Francis Schaeffer, from True Spirituality