Schaeffer’s Theorem

Francis Schaeffer was a prophetic voice to Christianity for the latter half of the 20th Century.  His treatises such as Mark of the Christian and Two Contents, Two Realities were excellent primers for Gospel-Centered & Missional Christianity long before either Gospel-Centered or Missional were coined terms.

The premise behind his philosophy has been has been summarized in this mathematical equation:

  • Truth – Love = Ugliness
  • Love – Truth = Compromise

How might this theorem, if lived out, effect the church? How could it impact your life?

2 thoughts on “Schaeffer’s Theorem

  1. I think it already has infected too many Churches. So many Churches, are big on Doctrin and short on Love or Big on Love and short on doctrin, let alone the Mission Jesus has given us as His followers.
    So yes this affects us all. It shows it’s self in our own lives by our lack of acceptance of others not like us, or our lack of respect of others who don’t believe what we do. I heard someone say: ” when our Faith is in Jesus Love modivates us and when our faith is in our belief being right motivates us. ” When our faith is in Jesus we are free from fear of being wrong or making a mistake. When our faith is in what we belief, those must be right, or our entire security is shaken. It’s a fearful thing to think we may have it wrong. I think this goes for individuals as well as Churches.

    I am seeing more and more how Jesus showed his Love as well as His compassion among sinners yet blasted the religious of the day. He also demanded Holyness as well. I think of the woman cought in adultry when Jesus told her to go and sin no more….

    I think we post modern Christinans are so like the religious of Jesus’s day and it’s a bit scary to me.

    Think when we center on truth or love we are centred on the wrong thing.

    Being Gospel centered is key as with the Gospel we have both Love and Truth. They are one side of the same coin…Jesus being the other…..!

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