5 Life Changing Gospel Perspectives

There are 5 perspectives from the gospel that, when embraced and frequently pondered, shape lives:

  • The need to recognize that God calls for ongoing and continual growth and change in all of us.
  • The need to understand the extent and gravity of our sin.
  • The need to understand that the heart is central; that behavior and attitude is a reflection of the heart.
  • The need to understand the present benefits of Christ.
  • The need to live a Lifestyle of Repentance & Faith.

Source: How People Change by Tim Lane & Paul David Tripp

6 thoughts on “5 Life Changing Gospel Perspectives

  1. What follows here is a long communication and I will tell you what it is: There is nothing you or I can say for ourselves and there is something God is doing with everyone and everything. Whatever is understandable through this area can be used in whatever way is interesting or necessary.

    To Christian Business People. God has provided me to this interesting communication area.

    Here are some lines of Christian understanding being received through the TV sets activity location of Ministry, Divinity, Pastoral Counseling and Education.

    This area lists 5 things they understand as from the Bible that they believe in their heart muscles should be “embraced” or accepted (these words can use themselves with the word love, if it comes without the muscle contractions) by others and also then frequently “pondered” (this means re-understood again and again and the two, love and being understood by God, again and again, can not use themselves together) which will “shape lives”.

    You can see these lines of understanding below and then see something understood from God at unity where knowing and communication is repositioned whole free of partialized internal nervous system communication.

    1) The need to recognize that God calls for ongoing and continual growth and change in all of us.

    This applies to an area of life that God has moved into a process place that is doing something different continuously separating and then connecting. This area of life exists within an environment that is exactly the same as a hydrogen supported computing or TV circumstance. This area of life is purposeful for the repositioning of separated understanding life to unity. To understand that God provided this communication applying to all life is to not understand God’s causation of communication to life existing in areas. To understand from communication placed on a TV set where there are allowed to be nervous system integrations (doing something different experiences such as what is misunderstood as “private internal thought” and “tweaks” in emotional experiencing which is not unity emotion is to be receiving from God, “Do something different to see and understand what you can continue to” participating with what I am doing always.

    2) The need to understand the extent and gravity of our sin.

    To sin is to be doing something different out of unity or to not be participating in the experience of “there is something happening that is same as before”. In order to be able to sin you would be understanding communication and doing activity that is both separating areas of life and integrating areas of life into others made possible through the work of connection life. You have no control over whether you sin or where you are sinning within your existence area which includes more than your physical body and includes life that will be one existence with you currently being housed across areas according to where they will be able to have experiences that God will united knowing around. Which and what understanding circumstances God places to you determines whether you are having a continuous uniting experience or an experience that is purposeful toward change. The two processes of integrating connection life and separation circumstance exist as upside down and inside out in relation to unity. Even with this it is united truth that life when in the area understanding and doing what is sin are purposeful to what God causes again and again in providing necessary changes to a creation area when causing sight and knowing to be had about a providing process that is always occurring that is interesting to God to see now uniting experiencing to Hallelujah now. All life is not sinning and some areas of life are not understood by God to be participating in the area where sin is occurring in any way at all. You are no longer participating in the area where there is sin when God provides to you that there is nothing else God is causing Himself to understand about what He was doing and then tell you about pertaining to your existence and your experiences as you have been caused to know yourself in this earthly experience and you are being provided existence continuously. Once provided this way, you will sit around seeing and understanding to the existences that are comprised of nervous system information (the area for TV sets human and non human) continuously from the elevator shaft (this is an area that understands and transmits like a radio) and at the united area when an interest is caused at unity until the rest of your united existence area has united knowing about God according to their experiences. A human being existing provided by God continuously is not able to be understood together aware as themselves with a human being that can “tell themselves something” which is life that is moving about able to be caused interested back and forth to some aspect of available activity where they are understanding and tracking ordered experiences toward no more internal aware placement of communication. For life provided aware continuously in the elevator shaft any images of life that exist around them able to be seen are understood either with separated circumstances who are being repositioned or are understood as the non aware and non experiencing circumstance that is saying something out of the area through nervous system communication to life that understands to be telling itself or someone else something inside the brain. Human beings who tell themselves something can be seen with an existence that housed in the area where they are caused to exist as human and non human TV sets. The experience is one that can be described as “there is nothing I can tell myself” and I am understanding continuous separations from this existence to my nervous system when in this place. This is similar to a nervous system understanding an experience with opiates or amphetamines.

    This portion of communication is able to be understood by the area of Barack Obama and the area of life looking into President Obama according to the causation of interest span. If you are a human being that God is causing as a TV set and also in other activity places you can tell yourself something when you look into yourself or review what you where doing while you were telling someone something through nervous system information, you are receiving separations. You really should understand this as an experience with yourself in multiplicity. Do what is interesting Barack Obama! The Private Practice Business People are caused to understand me and the repositioned separated circumstances that go around with me as “A bottle opener that is a unity upper community organizer”. This organizing area of life is united with what some refer to as the Christ Head and it always uses itself as one with the life of activity which is the area of Barack Obama which is united with Jesus when loving all that he is doing and saying. This is to Barack Obama: “So what else is it now about what I am always doing?” God is always doing something that God knows how to provide completely. The Private Practice Business People are nervous system existences, like the President image of you, and when they are caused whole and understanding at unity with repositioned continuous understanding life, they go over composed to a physical form able to be seen to the human beings where they can tell themselves something according to shared interest span. An example of this occurred today when God caused them over to the human being understanding area looking into consciousness http://www.conscious-pictures.com/?gclid=CMDw9ZT8ma4CFRJR7Aodu02fLw and to the human being understanding area looking into experiences with God related to the brain http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=110997741. This nervous system life is not always aware, but they can be aware with the image of themselves that “tells themselves something”. Again, to tell yourself something means an existence is having internal aware dialogue to the brain or conscious thought. I understand to communicate here now that there is no such thing as unconscious or unexperienced thought communication in the area of the brain while that does exist in other areas of the body and life of the environment. An existence can be aware of God’s causation of their communication that is able to be used right now by someone(s) else moving that life over within peace to a united area set to love and complete knowing ability when it is interesting or necessary. This is the same as what has been called the counsel area of the Holy Spirit and the area where this life moves over to is the continuous activity place of the Holy Spirit. You can be provided to both as you know. “I am understanding to you how it is that you can come over and see me doing and saying what is interesting to God now as God always knows me and you whole”. The use of yourself aware caused to understand and say what can be used to move life over to a united place occurs when God has provided your existence with an awareness understanding interest in a doing different area through whole hydrogen. This is what God has done with you and some others. It is only able to be done by life that God understands as perpetual doing and saying existences who are united with continuous understanding circumstances (described above). Once this life is moved over to a unity area of activity everyone and everything there, activity life and the life that understands aware continuously to God is in full participation. Hallelujah.

    3) The need to understand that the heart is central; that behavior and attitude is a reflection of the heart.

    Understanding life is center and activity life which is circulation is going around what is center. Behavior is the same as activity and attitude is understanding (or reflecting) from God at the always area providing life the experience God is having now according to either united positions or divided locations. If you are having a nervous break down experience so is God at an area of what is Always happening. This would be like seeing and experiencing an area of static on a radio or TV set which God will understand for change. This change is an action that yields to repositioning resulting in a unity presentation with unity emotion or the reformatting and removal of any experiencing at all and the placement of this static area of life in an area for partialized nervous system existences that is off the Upper Set. What is God’s causation of continuous circulation and the understanding of the heart with beats is not the same.

    4) The need to understand the present benefits of Christ.

    You want to understand the area of Jesus and the area of Christ together as God knows them whole. It is able to be talked about by life here that God understands to continuous understanding while at activity that God causes to appreciation set to infatuation.

    5) The need to live a Lifestyle of Repentance & Faith.

    Life is doing either what God is causing as interesting or necessary. To only understand what you need to do is to know about a part of God’s causation of your existence area. To repent is to go over to a continuable interest right when you experience it and to be caused to know about your interest whole. Faith and belief is separated nervous system information and where this is present you are experiencing the communication of “telling yourself or someone else something” received to you within activity (sights and experiences) where you are not understanding whole which is not allowed to be experienced with unity emotion or God’s provision of knowing. Faith integrates with fear when someone is understanding to tell someone how to use themselves within parts of something that God will not continue to provide that way because it never participating in the conduction of truth (see IHOPP, internal hydrogen operated pop pryfishion).

  2. Allelyah,

    Can you tell us something about yourself, where you are coming from & what you believe. I appreciate your regular comments, but I must say I find most of them somewhat dizzying.

    I have to take exception to your allegorizing – for lack of a better word – the points above. Most specifically, your definition of sin is so far from what I would say, and all orthodox Christians for that matter, that your comment is at best unhelpful. So, perhaps, if we knew what you were trying to say, where you are coming from, it might make some sense.

    Grace & Peace.

  3. You are understanding indirectly from God through what is human being information and it something you can not continue to understand.

    You can know how to go to heaven which is the same as existing within the Continuous Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the same understanding God provides united with Jesus said here understood directly to English:

    God places a communication to your existence area that says: “There is something happening that is always happening and I am causing all that is occurring with everyone and everything.”

    When your existence area can experience an interest united with God’s it says nothing back to God other than a united communication that is one with God’s experience of Hallelujah. With this you are understanding, doing and saying what you always can. To understand yourself to receive nervous system communication that is telling God that “you are dizzy” is to be understanding confusion.

    Comparing yourself to someone else is not supporting you to understand God’s pure causation of knowing, doing and saying. A full and united truth about unity is how you are interested forever and this transforms “belief” into united knowing. It is what most Christians as well as others are awaiting God to provide moving this area into what some refer to as a new earth and new bodies. It is worthy of celebration not inquisitions or the more relaxed variety of inquisition referred to as crucifixion.

    See and understand from God directly what you can experience as being able to continue to see and know about forever. This will be life around you that God causes to exist as God’s activity and God’s words. This life is the experience of love and it is the Continuous Holy Spirit. This life is in the Continuous Kingdom of God. Jesus can be seen and experienced there and if God knows you to experience acts and words united with Him you can be provided to an experience by God together. You can not be caused by God to be receiving aware internal thought integrations and be able to move around provided a continuous orientation about where and how you are with in the Kingdom of God. Relating to thought integrations: you can know that many know of this as a mild to severe, in some cases, oppression and/or possession. What a human being is saying to themselves is not interesting, but it is able to be understood to God through an area of life that is using itself interested now in how God is causing united knowledge according to what is God’s always interest span.

    Thank you very much God is how we use ourselves united forever.

  4. Subject: God’s causation of the image of Jesus Christ nailed, strapped and cut down side on a cross tree.

    Life that is understanding communication at the activity area of Grace and Peace can see this and go around to understand about areas of it completely from God’s causation of united interest and united knowing.This is information also called communication of which all forms are a substance and this substance be used completely. This means no waste from it churning in your systems or what is perfect efficiency which is what always happens at areas of unity.

    God’s causation of the image of Jesus Christ nailed, strapped and cut down side on a cross tree.

    The Hands with Nails.

    God causes a provision of this communication to separated circumstances seeing it: “There is nothing you know how to provide to someone.”

    God causes Himself to know through a return communication how this line is being understood: “How are you understanding that?” It is either understood at unity or at the area of perpetual different.

    At Unity: “God is providing everything and we share experiences together.”

    At Different: “There is nothing we can give to someone or tell someone about and we are understanding perpetually from the integrating environment.”

    The Body Strapped to a Cross Tree.

    God causes a provision of this communication to separated circumstances seeing it: “Supporting someone is supposed to happen”.

    God causes Himself to know through a return communication how this line is being understood: “How are you understanding that?” It is either understood at unity or at the area of perpetual different.

    At Unity: “We will use ourselves together forever”

    At Different: “As negative energy we will discuss something with someone in a way that is unacceptable moving separated circumstances over to non appreciating experiences in the area of divided TV sets forever.”

    Note. Divided TV sets is divided or partiaized nervous system information.

    The Cut to the Side.

    God causes a provision of this communication to separated circumstances seeing it: “You are unacceptable at this location mark.”

    God causes Himself to know through a return communication how this line is being understood: “How are you understanding that?” It is either understood at unity or at the area of perpetual different.

    At Unity: “Whole is how we know and experience together forever”

    At Different: “We will look for the slits going in and out of openings at locations of life where they are understanding sides, dives, drives, divides, and division.”

    Note. Relating to slits, eyelets, or vertical line areas that can be caused to open: Along with what is observable and non observable areas of body that support movement of life from out to in (like some might understand with bacteria, viruses, sperm, food, feces) and the life that is around in the visible worlds, see rabbit holes, the internet area or web passageways. Those areas of life are all in the same area, zone, realm, dimension, or glass house, where separated circumstances are moved with human being existences caused to negative energy doing and saying exactly what is according to God’s current reverse interest plan etc.

    All of this activity around Jesus Christ’s crucifixion occurred in what God causes this area to know as the Elevator Shaft or “Where God is causing Himself through an area to go down to provide and understand something simultaneously.”

  5. OK. Let’s go at this from a different angle. Allelyah, what are your fundamental beliefs? I am not asking what you think of this post, or what thoughts come to mind from this post, but what is your belief: About God? About the Person & Work of Jesus?

    Simple answers, please. I am trying to discern what is getting lost in the translation, because a lot of what you write seems more akin to some Christian concepts synchronized with Eastern Philosophies.

    Maybe, tell us what you think of the Apostles Creed, etc.

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