One For the Thumb

Do you want to know an easy way to remember the 5 largest blocs of Unreached People Groups?  It’s as easy as looking at your thumb. In fact, looking at your thumb is the way to remember. Use the acrostic: T-H-U-M-B

  • Tribals
  • Hindu
  • Unreached Chinese
  • Muslim
  • Buddhist

A people group is considered unreached when less than 2% of its population are Evangelical Christians.  Perhaps the best resource for learning about all Unreached People Groups, and details about each people, is from Joshua Project.

2 thoughts on “One For the Thumb

  1. God provides this image of a hitchhiker as “there is something I do not know how to understand. Is there something happening that God is doing?”

    “Yes, in deed there is, everything”. As understood caused by God from the understanding area of Jesus.

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